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Is Lebanon Ready for a Smart Electricity Grid?

Lebanon is a country rife with corruption, aided by immense centralization of decision making and budgets in a grid-locked parliament that operates for the benefit of it’s members personal business holdings rather than the people who elected them 

It’s 2018, 24/7 electricity is still a dream across urban and rural areas (except Zahle). The infrastructure for the electricity grid is poorly maintained, needs an overhaul and is battered with violations. And for the past 30 years an amendment to law allowed individuals to apply for a license to sell generator-produced-electricity to supplement the rationed and overwhelmed network. This was supposed to be temporary until the national electricity providers repaired and upgraded their systems. But the quick-fix has become status-quo. 

by David Brunetti https://medium.com/insecurities/permanent-temporality-shatila-refugee-camp-beirut-lebanon-2014-489a846c73eb

On the bright side, this looks like an ideal opportunity. The future is already looking at decentralization as a key driver to decrease carbon foot-print, improve efficiency, empower renewable energy production and decrease costs. Lebanon already runs on a decentralized electricity “grid”, that brings in revenue to private generator owners. The country will need a tremendous amount of investment in infrastructure anyway, so why not invest in a smart grid that allows existing suppliers to supplement a national grid and encourage more people to generate energy locally, and ideal from alternative energy sources

In the long run, this looks like the ideal plan for developed nations and our lack on investment in the past 30 years can be offset by investing in an agile system that could solve two problems at once: 

1- Decrease burden on government spending (& venues for corruption)
2- Provide more income opportunities for constituents
(3)- Create jobs, solve electricity crisis, improve GDP, etc.. 

Just a thought worth dreaming of. 



P.S. the inspiration for this post was two unscheduled power outages that ruined my plans for a peaceful work day and my current bed-side read: Unscaled by Hemant Taneja – which I reviewed here