Hiatus… and new adventures.

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This blog has been in hiatus for a short while and this is why that is and why you should still subscribe for future posts:

I have recently (a month ago) left my role at ArabNet where I was leading conferences and programs across the region. I have been in this role and growing for the past 7 years, needless to say it was filled with tears or joy and exhaustion. Looking at where the technology and digital market is today, it was worth every moment.

After years of immersing myself in that role and event space I felt it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and take on a new adventure.

What that adventure is? It’s not 100% clear yet, but there’s a few things cooking.

The best way to spend sunsets

I will stay in the tech space for sure, but technology is now upgrading (with some challenges) everything from healthcare, entertainment to relief programs. It’s an exciting time to be alive and the promises of the future (economic crisis included) are better than ever before in human history. You may call this optimism, I prefer to call it grateful.

Grateful for the challenges, mentors, colleagues and leaders that have inspired and befriended me along the way.

I will start blogging again, just need to get my brain into the writing zone which requires a tad less enthusiasm than the space i’m in right now. Soon.

During the time I haven’t published any blog posts a draft and post ideas list that’s getting daunting to ran away from has developed.

In the meanwhile, feel free to reach me about:

  • Expanding into and Understanding MENA [more here]
  • Getting your team in shape for growth
  • Startup Mentorship
  • Business and Innovation Consulting
  • Corporate Innovation [more here]
  • … and a brainstorm over tea.

I have also started a new telegram channel that covers news on startup / tech scene in MENA (with context & commentary) – follow it here

You can reach me on any of the platforms on my Find Me page or his that Email Me button in the menu for a direct ping.

Cheers to new beginnings.

P.S. excuse me while I go perfect some pancakes to compliment seasonal peaches.