Embarrassing Childhood Photos for Future Generations and Things to Consider in the Process

2 minutes
I recently listened to Audible’s Exclusive “The Dark Web” series which highlights what is the dark web (Tor project) the role of crypto-currency in fueling the space (correlation not causation) and the types of activities that have been facilitated through this network. Interesting primer, jaw dropping realities.
One particular episode talked about how pedophiles use the (dark) web, and according to the institutes and law enforcement departments interviewed it is a whole world wide web epidemic. Pedophiles use average day-to-day photos of children from Facebook and public social websites to trade with their pedo-peers. They use “cute” and “cuddly” photos that your average new-parent friends are bombarding you with day in and day out of every action for lewd fantasies and sharing. Frankly, it’s nauseating.


The dark web does have it’s share of such lewd behavior, however, there’s been more than 60,000 websites on the regular web taken down due to child abuse / explicit content in comparison to just 78 on the dark web! Remember that the price of free services is your privacy and in some unfortunate cases the safety of not-yet-consenting little ones.

Should you post your child photos online? They are adorable angels, by all means share the love. However take your privacy and your child’s privacy seriously. Some social channels have become a scrap book of childhood documentation and future memories. Just remember that your children have the right to decide what’s to be shared about them and what’s not.

As the cyber world intertwines with our physical being, it’s important that we start treating our online behavior responsibly. 

This is not a topic I usually post about and I was quite disturbed by the topic, that I didn’t really want to dwell into it. But I felt a moral liability to bring these stats to attention to whomever reads this. This is not meant to turn on paranoia hitters for all, but taking precaution hurts no-one.