Hi! My name is Racha Ghamlouch. I’m a passionate geek and technology addict. I love trying new things (gotta beta for me?), and learning about new technologies and markets. I believe in the power of decentralized collaborative communities and; empowered innovators working towards improving their surroundings. I work to create inspiring dialogues and connect people. I have spent the last 7 years traveling around MENA (and abroad) building and conducting conferences, competitions, challenges and conversations.

I currently advise startups on internal operation optimization, shifting to a product-based business (instead of the all common sales-driven one), community development, and support businesses on expanding into MENA. I also co-curate the MENA’s digital digest and write about the market.

Talk to me about: startups, books, surveillance, climate change and everything geeky.

Always looking for new opportunities to inspire and educate. If you’re interested in the Middle East and North Africa region, email me or connect with me on one of those: